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Writing:  Communications, Journalism, Performance Poetry, Scholarship.

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Zion National Park, Utah (above);
Santa Barbara Botanical Garden, California (below);
It's so beautiful out West, all you have to do is point and snap --


Summer & Spring 2017
Had fun researching 8 Ways to Volunteer This Summer in Orange County!
There are so many more good nonprofits I wanted to mention.
Recently picked oranges for OC Harvest Club and danced with Dare to Dance HB.

I loved the Totally 80s Fest on the beach!  Wrote it up Here.

Festivals and more festivals! I Loved Holi Festival of Colors,
which is held around the world, and I also checked out my
first Burning Man event, Bequinox 2017. Nice people, good times.

Summer 2016

July - Great trip to NYC! Coney Island with family & friends, Manhattan

June - Saw the Dalai Lama at Westminster's Buddhist Monastery
Visited the Monastery Friday, Saturday & Sunday

OC Canyons:  Vedanta Monastery, Rancho Las Lomas

USA Today just voted Huntington Beach "Best California Beach"!

Winter 2015 NYC for the 3rd time this year to celebrate winter
holidays with family and friends.  Visited Northern California's
Sonoma County for the first time and met more family and friends xo

Poetry lately ~ readings for Poets & Dreamers and the Sadie Girl Press
anthology Then & Now: Conversations with Old Friends

Autumn 2015 I'm having fun co-hosting OC Film History Nature Walks.
Orange County has been used in films for over 100 years, thanks to its
beautiful natural backdrops. Researching the early films is fascinating. 
Our Film Walk Meetup Pics: Crystal Cove, Newport Back Bay,
north Laguna and south Laguna!


H.B. just won Time Magazine's Best Beach in the U.S.!

Summer 2015 Great Places: L.A. area ~ Topanga State Park & Canyon,
Manhattan Beach.  O.C. area ~
Barbara's Lake, Aliso Beach (below). 
U.S. Open of Surfing, San Clemente's Mother Moon Herb Farm.
Silverado's Santiago and Modjeska Canyons with Naturalist for You.

Art Exhibit Orange Sunshine and the Mystic Artists, Laguna festivals: 
Art-a-Faire, Sawdust Festival, Festival of the Arts.  Music ~ Everywhere!

April 2015 - A very traveling month!  Back to NYC & Woodstock for
a special fundraiser and to Tucson, Arizona to see friends of 20+ years. 


March 2015 - Zip lined beautiful Catalina Island on my birthday!!!
& Standup Paddled with Senhoa crew in sunny Huntington Harbour

Feb 2015 - Flew east for nine snowy nights in New York:
I love Woodstock, Manhattan, and the people therein!

Worked background on this tv episode which was shown this month.
I'm in the courtroom scenes.

Jan 2015 - I won Locale Magazine's Outstanding Achievement Award
for my work in their January 2015 issue!  A nice start to the year!



I live in coastal southern California, land of sunshine, waves and gardens.

For those of you I haven't had the pleasure of meeting,
my name is pronounced AH-vra.

Avra is a female variant of the Hebrew name Avram. 
It means Sea Breeze in Greek. 
It's linked with the words aura, atmosphere and breath.

My last name is pronounced (not spelled) Kauffman.

Please browse around; I hope you enjoy the site.

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